Meet and Greet Italy is a boutique destination management company and tour operator based in Rome, Italy. We create unique and innovative Italian travel experiences, combining traditional services with a contemporary vision of the tourism world. From our founder to our office staff, sustainability is a priority for all of us here at Meet and Greet. We believe in environmentally friendly ways to travel. All CO2 emitted by transfers and services included in our travel packages will be compensated through our sustainable programs including the planting of trees in Italy and afforestation, thanks to our partnership with Trees for Italy.

Meet and Greet Italy是一家位於意大利羅馬的精品旅遊管理公司。我們提供獨一無二的意大利旅遊體驗,將傳統的服務與當代的旅遊世界相結合,從我們的創始人到我們每一位公司員工,都堅守Meet and Greet Italy的最高理念—永續。我們相信環保旅行,感謝與我們合作的Trees for Italy,通過我們的永續發展項目,所有在我們旅途中所產的二氧化碳,都會轉換用於意大利植樹和造林。


Through this internship, you’ll have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the global travel and tourism industry and learn from one of the leading boutique tour operators in Europe. You will be working with the marketing team of Meet & Greet Italy to carry out impact-driven research to identify new business opportunities as part of the travel industry recovery effort.

藉由這個實習,你將會有一個讓自己沉浸在全球旅遊業,並向歐洲領先精品旅遊經營公司學習的獨特機會,與Meet & Greet Italy的行銷團隊合作,以影響為導向,尋找新的商機,為復甦旅遊業做其中的努力!


Internship Overview【實習資訊】

  • 工作地點 = 線上實習工作
  • Internship period = 25-Oct-2021 to 25-Jan-2022, 15 hr per week (dates can be adjusted)
  • 實習時間:10/25 ~ 1/25,每週需滿 15 hr (日期可根據要求調整)
  • Duration = 3-month
  • Start and end dates could be adjusted upon request.
  • Compensation = None paid for the first 3-month but renewal bonus and recommendation letter possible upon evaluation. A completion letter will be obtained upon completion. The management will provide bi-weekly training and certification related to Research.
  • 實習薪資:前3個月無薪,但評估後可能會獲得續期獎金和推薦信。每兩週提供與資料研究分析相關的培訓和認證。
  • Method to apply: Apply via this link (https://www.talentbasket.com/jobs/284-traveler-market-research-intern). If you have any questions, please email to kindicamrygrc@gmail.com, first-come-first-served basis.
  • 申請方式:線上登入履歷(https://www.talentbasket.com/jobs/284-traveler-market-research-intern)。如有疑問可Email至kindicamrygrc@gmail.com,採先到先審制
  • 面試方式:由主管審核履歷後通知面試

Learning Outcome【學習成果】

  • The tour operator sector 旅遊經營
  • Consumer insight analysis 消費者洞察分析
  • Product placement strategies 產品置入策略
  • Familiarization in the digital workspace 數位工作環境
  • Global experience 全球實習經驗
  • Workspace communication 職場溝通

Roles & Requirements【工作內容】

  • Analyze the outbound Asian traveler trends, expectations, and behaviors post COVID-19 by collecting online reviews and comments that are related to traveling to Europe from Asia.
  • 蒐集線上與旅歐相關評論,分析亞洲旅客的後疫情旅遊趨勢、期望、行為
  • Analyze online travel sales channels to reach Asian travelers and promote Meet & Greet Italy's new travel packages targeting Asian customers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • 分析線上旅遊銷售網站,向台灣、香港、新加坡為主要消費者推銷Meet & Greet Italy最新的旅遊方案
  • Analyze the product, placement, pricing, and positioning of competitive European travel products marketed to Asian consumers today.
  • 分析現今歐洲旅遊市場對亞洲消費者推行的產品、地點、價格與定位
  • Recommend travel package design ideas and marketing strategy to help develop Meet & Greet Italy's tourism products targeting Asian travelers coming to European destinations.
  • 亞洲旅客遊歐方案及策略發想


Skill Qualifications & Requirements【職務需求】

  • Fluent in English and Mandarin
  • 中英聽說讀寫流利
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office suite
  • 精通Microsoft Office suite
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and with teams
  • 個人、團隊工作能力皆佳
  • Experience with the major social media platforms in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • 具備相關台灣、香港、新加坡社群使用經驗
  • Demonstrate strong passion in the area of sustainable tourism
  • 對永續旅遊有極大興趣
  • Interest in tourism market research and consumer behavior analysis is a plus
  • 加分條件:對旅遊市場研究消費者行為分析有興趣





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