AI and multi-cloud

You might have heard of the word “intelligent network” in recent years. Artificial intelligence indeed takes a very important role nowadays, knowing its power in processing data and self-learning. There are millions of companies trying to make use of AI to get their competitive advantage and win their competitors with higher operational efficiency. What exactly is AI and why do we need AI? How AI could be applied in the business world? We will uncover the mystery of AI in this article.

What is AI?

AI could enable a hardware to make a decision by itself, after either human beings input knowledge to it or allow the AI to learn from large quantity of data patterns. Some companies might use AI as a part of their information security solution, letting the AI to learn from big data in the category of past security incidents. As compared with human, AI has the ability to “remember” all the data and analyse more comprehensively, hence provide a more secured solutions or suggestions based on past events.

Why do we need AI?

There are many considerations behind a business’s decision of automation. Main concerns are as follows: First, AI has been proved to be helpful in performing tasks more efficiently at lower cost. Second, it can reduces human errors as it has a full picture of data and analyse the data pattern to make decisions. The automation can enable companies to be sure that they are free from careless mistakes, especially benefiting in security field such as endpoint security. On the other hand, employees could focus more on the “human” parts and make professional decisions based on their experience that could not be provided by computers. It could definitely help enterprises to expand business sector and have greater corporate revenue growth.

While AI is playing an important role, multi-cloud strategy is put under spotlights as well.

What is multi-cloud

When a company uses cloud computing services from more than one cloud service vendor, it is adopting the multi-cloud strategy. In the past, when the “cloud” service is still a new thing to the market, people are already fascinated by its ability of sharing data online with other devices. Now, it takes a further step, having more specific cloud services such as disaster recovery. Multi-cloud structure allows businesses to use different cloud services that serves different main purposes at the same time. It makes businesses able to have a higher flexibility on cloud service choices and satisfy their specific needs in different fields.

What kind of environment do we need for multi-cloud strategy?

The utmost important is to have a safe environment for data passing. To secure the network for a company, there are plenty of suggested secured network solutions provided by other vendors. What is also important is the organized platform for managing the multi-cloud structure. It could be complex when data are in different format when handled by different vendors. The best practice is to have a control platform for the company to manage the multi cloud services more easily.




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