Ups and downs of life

Ups and downs of life, ups and downs of the world of mortals, walking on the road of life, there will be success and happiness, failure and pain, there will be a clear blue sky, there will be rain and mud, there will be birds and flowers, there will also be declining scenery, life is full of understanding, to learn to be shallow and walk, Lianyang heart love collection, and happy with the times, flowers bloom forever, bright and sweet Look at the sky, open the doors and windows of the four seasons, spring is full of spring, summer is gorgeous, autumn is full of autumn, winter is full of winter, fleeting years are thick or light, it is the time witness mark, all the way changing years, wind and frost will be deep or shallow, when life is heavy, all the way engraved life, flowers have ups and downs, people have ups and downs, those scattered in the cold and warm, Finally precipitated by time, there is always a person who, among thousands of people, thinks that you will meet sooner or later, stay together in the light, support each other in the wind and rain, accompany each other in the time, know that you are warm and cold, know your heart, know that you are sad and happy, know your feelings, love what you love as you like, think that you are really beautiful, will tolerate your shortcomings, can tolerate your capriciousness, accompany you when you are lonely, and when you are sad To comfort, to support a life umbrella, to share that meter of sunshine, to integrate love into time, to integrate love into your life, to give you warmth into your heart, some scenery in life, to be able to calm the wind and rain together, to appreciate your little bit by bit, unexpected beauty, to relax your mood, to plan things in people to be positive, to work hard in the day.


Life is a long way, never stop is a step, in the world of wind and rain, never give up is a life, in the world of life, wind and rain life, life, always make people exhausted, but still not dead, obviously feel tired, but can not say tired, often want to sleep, but there are unfinished trivial, because there is responsibility on the shoulder, so no regrets, because there is yearning in the heart, so always go after, since When you come to this world, you have to live a beautiful life. Since you choose a distant place, you have to be stubborn. Time changes everything. Everything changes us. What you didn't see before is used to what you used to want. Now you don't need it anymore. You start to be persistent. Then you are free and easy. When you lose it, you have to be strong. You have to pay for it and grow, No tears, no tears, no matter, no regrets, life efforts to fight, no matter the success or failure is honorable, life in the world, who is not easy, cherish their lives, cherish their lives, enjoy their lives, the past will become the past, hope is always in the future, efforts can be achieved.


Life is full of troubles. Find a shortcut to life, reveal the original meaning of life, achieve your own life, and live a life without shortcomings. It's just a fairy tale. If you lift yourself too high, others may not look up to you. If you put yourself too low, others may not respect you. No one is perfect. You don't need to cover up your lack. You need to be able to look up, but also to look down Instead of blaming the world, it's better to change yourself, take care of your heart and do your own thing better than anything else. Life is not perfect, twists and turns are also scenery. Don't overestimate the loss. Giving up is another kind of possession. No one in life is smooth sailing. Life is always accompanied by wind and rain. People who can stand loneliness must be thoughtful people. People who can stand loneliness must be reasonable The person who thinks, the person who can bend and stretch when things happen, must be the person with mind, the person who handles things calmly, must be a calm person, with ideal in mind and dream in the world of mortals.


Life in the world, wind and rain journey, every road is a kind of understanding, the road of wind and rain has mud and dignified, the road of life has hard work and hard work, the road of love has sad feelings, the road of mood has happiness and pain, there is no road to go, there is no road to go, the road is still at the foot, in the front, although rugged, we are still moving forward, because we have to live Facing, because the responsibility must go; because the harvest must be persistent, looking back on the way, is a kind of understanding of life, is a valuable experience, is a kind of life without regret, because love, just know to have and cherish, pain, just know to care and bitter, put down, just know to be open-minded and quiet, experience, just know to feel and choose, how much moved However, in tears, how many feelings turn around, dare to hate and dare to love, dare to face and dare to be responsible, the true feelings are persistent and never give up, no regrets to choose to do their best, no shame in heart, no shame in today's, heart wide has its own boat, after hardships, no fear of difficulties.


Life is a long journey. The road is smooth, broad and bumpy. A person who has been hurt knows the pain, falls and starts to grow. Life is sometimes frustrating. Life always feels hopeless, always cares about other people's opinions, comments on right and wrong, and always strives to win. In fact, it's just his vanity is too strong. In fact, life is so simple, more happy, less worried and tired Go to bed when you wake up, smile when you are free, talk with friends when you are free, be the most simple person, walk on the happiest Road, don't care about yourself a lot of times, hide that little care in your heart, always want to highlight yourself, always want to work harder than others, get lost, always feel unbalanced, this is life, there is always something unexpected in life, you really pay, never return Newspaper, you have done everything you have to do. The reality is not ideal. In fact, in life, everything can't be as it should be. People can't live in the world of mortals smoothly




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