【Full-time】Xelay Acumen Taipei, Inc. 世銳顧問有限公司 Analyst 分析師

Analysts at Xelay Acumen tackle the most advanced and difficult problems our clients face that drive bottom-line financial returns and create tremendous value, including

• Creating compelling communications of critical information

• Designing and developing visualizations of data and concepts to vastly improve audience engagement and understanding

• Conducting clinical trial data analytics and design

• Developing and writing medical publications and communications with novel analyses and compelling visualizations

• Researching to understand and shape new markets

• Framing new business and medical treatment models

• Assessing specific competitors' performance

• Performing due diligence



Analysts are our frontline in developing powerful insights and driving results for our clients. We invest heavily in our Analysts and believe in the apprenticeship model of management consulting.

Development opportunities include:

• Direct access to the CEO, leadership team members, and team leads to develop leadership, consulting mindset/skills, communication, and analytics skills

• Offsite training retreats to learn/practice new skills

• Leadership training from an Executive Leadership Coach typically reserved for C-level executives

• Assigned mentor to work on development goals

• Bi-weekly meetings with senior team leads to evaluate performance and progress


At Xelay Acumen Taipei, you will be part of a growing high-performing global company with opportunities to serve healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech clients on their cutting-edge drugs and therapies to help patients around the world. You will gain frequent professional development and consulting skills as well as a global network of like-minded colleagues that will prepare you for your time at Xelay and beyond. Taipei Analysts will have the opportunity to travel to the US for training purposes as well as long term rotations and/or transfers to the US for outstanding and high potential performers. Furthermore, strong performers will be considered for management roles in Taipei and globally.



Analysts at Xelay Acumen quickly acquire the core capabilities of a successful, trustworthy team member through the following responsibilities:

• Manage individual workstreams

• Create, refine, and present recommendations to senior management

• Structure and solve challenging problems to address critical business issues

• Create compelling storylines and visualizations to accomplish critical communication challenges

• Perform complex clinical trial and web survey data analyses in support of ad-hoc and ongoing projects

• Synthesize medical literature and communications into key takeaways and implications for the Client

• Receive and provide timely feedback from managers and team members

• Develop programs, methodologies, and files for analyzing and presenting data

• Interpret and organize data results, literature research and market research into executive summaries and professional consulting presentations

• Use and support database applications and analytical tools: evaluate data quality, applications, and functions, produce output, maintain data assets

• Research new data sources and analytical tools; contribute to new product development and improvement in product delivery and presentation


Interested parties should apply via https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XelayAcumenJobs

(All materials are required to be in English)




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