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【實習機會】Special Associate Intern

Position: Special Associate Intern to the Co-Founder of Jumpstart Program/Director of External Relations of Global Shapers Community Taipei Hub (an initiative of the World Economic Forum)


About this role: The Special Associate Intern will partner (not work) directly with the Co-Founder of Jumpstart Program/Director of External Relations of Global Shapers Community Taipei Hub, Roger Lo and provides primary support to him. The right candidate will be a quick learner who takes initiative and pride in their work. Equally important is attention to detail, ability to work in a fast-paced team and environment, excellent communication skills, and a can-do attitude. You will be the best partner to support Roger to be more productive at both side projects.



  • Participate in all strategy, operational planning, team discussions with Roger and his core team in both Jumpstart Program and Global Shapers Community
  • Support the execution of both Jumpstart Program and Global Shapers Community projects, events, and meeting follow-ups including:
    • Carry on important follow-ups from the meeting
    • Build external presentation, pitching, strategic planning deck
    • Efforts to create external partnerships with corporate sponsors, and other communities, including discussions and fund-raising activities
  • Perform special projects and assignments as requested.
  • Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and handle multiple responsibilities with precision and with little to no supervision, providing status updates as appropriate.


Time requirement:

This is not a full-time position, and no office or face time is required except for showing up to our core team meetings, regular Jumpstart and Global Shapers events, and administrative processes (usually held on weekends). However, you will be expected to spend your personal time outside of schoolwork to initiate and finish the above responsibilities. Ideally, you can work on this internship for at least 6 months.


Background requirements:

Current undergraduate or graduate student in a university with graduation in or after 2017

  • Based in Taipei: as most of the meetings and events will be in Taipei
  • Have management or administrative experience in student organizations such as AIESEC, Model United Nations, Consulting Club, student associations, alumni associations etc: as I hope you to not just help "carry out", but be able to provide suggestions based on your own extracurricular experience
  • Be fluent in both English and Mandarin
  • Be a responsible individual who can follow up and executive tasks completely and on-time, and who share the same vision with Jumpstart Program and Global Shapers Community
  • You got a HUGE passion on youth development, education and global talents related topics and willing to contribute yourself to make the world better by spreading out the positive energy


The benefits of this internship:

  • You will have the chance to working and build a strong network with a group of passionate, energetic, and exceptional young professionals as well as senior executives
  • You will be provided with 360 career planning and job hunting support
  • You will have the chance to contribute yourself in the process of building two communities with vision and social mission
  • You will be partnering with a good mentor :)


Compensation: to be discussed


For those who are interested, please send to simplegreen0526@yahoo.com.tw

  • A one-page English CV attached in PDF format, highlighting your relevant academic, extracurricular or professional experiences.
  • A brief (maximum two paragraphs, under one page) intro in English, on why you are interested in this position, what you hope to achieve, and how you wish to contribute.



Introduction to the World Economic Forum Global Shapers

The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, and is a network of city-based Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential for future leadership roles in society, their achievements both professionally and personally, and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. Through the Global Shapers Community, Shapers are provided with opportunities to connect with the worldwide network of Global Shapers, to network with other World Economic Forum communities, and to represent the voice of youth at World Economic Forum events. The Global Shapers Community is one of several multi-stakeholder communities at the World Economic Forum. Other communities include the Young Global Leaders, the Global Agenda Councils, and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.


Introduction to Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart Program's vision is to cultivate entrepreneurial leaders for organisations. We aim to assist smart and driven people to transition into critical roles at high-growing businesses, startups and large corporations globally.


The program is founded by Rosa Cheng, Edgar Chiu, and Roger Lo in 2014 and the membership has grown from 0 to 50+ in only 1.5 years. Our mission is to assist smart and driven people transiting to critical roles at high-growth businesses, startups and large companies globally.


【Talents of the Future 青年論壇 - 成為世界所需的人才】



Jumpstart Program,從2014年開始,希望培養具有創業家精神的未來領袖,在大小組織都能創造成長動能。第三屆說明會,我們邀請多位頂尖講師一同分享,台灣年輕人若想培養國際競爭力、成為炙手可熱的創新人才,究竟該建立哪些重要觀念、著手學習哪些核心技能、以及該如何做好兼顧志趣又有效且策略性的職涯規劃?同場將針對第三屆Jumpstart Program規劃和招募流程進行詳盡的說明。


Jumpstart Program founders


Edgar Chiu

Edgar 目前為 Camp Mobile 台灣總經理,負責社群軟體 BAND APP 於台灣整體營運管理與市場拓展。專精領域為創業管理、新事業發展及業務拓展。曾任IBM策略咨詢顧問,2012年與在校夥伴離開各自舒適圈全職參與創業。 於公司內主要擔任營運長一職,負責全球業務拓展及商務夥伴關係管理,獲得日本及中東夥伴的協同推廣。2013年底,獲 NAVER Group 投資後,轉任旗下直屬公司 Camp Mobile 台灣總經理,現致力於校園青年人才培育,期許能幫助更多人離開舒適圈。畢業於清大計量財務金融學系。


Rosa Cheng

台大電機&資管雙修,台大電子所碩士、UC Berkeley 訪問學者;曾任職於顧問公司Bain & Company香港辦公室及Morgan Stanley証券研究部,到瑞士商 DKSH大中華區半導體&再生能源事業部總監;一個非MBA出身,卻做了MBA的工作!獲1995年跆拳道荷蘭公開賽金牌的她,從小接觸到低收入 戶和單親家庭的跆拳道選手與運動員們,有感於她自身透過教育能夠進入北一女到之後的台大電機。2007-2009年在香港工作的她,經歷 2008年金融海嘯,開始思考人生的意義。目前是台大顧問社&台大創創學程業師,從事教育志業的Rosa致力於連結台灣人才與全球資源。自 2008年開始幫助青年學子申請國外工作、練習英文Case Interview, 自2010年來每月舉辦的Rosa's Monthly Workshop從不間斷,至今已舉辦七年超過上百場,她希望這樣的活動能持續地幫助台灣青年,翻轉自身未來!


Roger Lo

Roger 目前擔任 Yahoo! 亞太區策略暨業務營運部副理,負責行動開發者套件在亞太區(台灣/印度/香港/新加坡)的市場推廣策略及行動產品成長策略。在加入 Yahoo! 前,羅荷傑曾任職於美商 APT 策略顧問公司大中華區企業發展部、ASUS華碩電腦亞太區產品策略及管理部門,也是第一位獲 Google 印度辦公室聘任為實習生的台灣青年,並曾擔任世界最大學生組織 AIESEC 國際經濟商管學生會台灣區總會會長。畢業於國立清華大學經濟學系。羅荷傑長期關注台灣青年職涯發展和國際參與議題。於2014年,共同創辦 Jumpstart Program,一個致力於培養未來創新領導人才的組織。羅荷傑在2015年入選為世界經濟論壇(World Economic Forum)全球傑出青年組織(Global Shapers Community)之成員。同時也擔任AppUniverz (台灣創新行動服務推廣協會)的理事。羅荷傑期許能持續突破自我並積極實踐人生願景——「Become the Educator for Next Generation」。



Blink 小幫手

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我是小幫手,小幫手是我,有事請找我 ❤


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